Customer Satisfaction


“Searching for a company that could handle our payroll needs was a daunting task due to our company structure, multiple work states and job locations. PEOPLE assured us that they could work with us to develop a payroll reporting/processing system that would meet our needs. In the beginning, if any issue arose, PEOPLE utilized their team of specialists to resolve the issue and put procedures into place to prevent a repeat of the issue.

PEOPLE’s staff is always willing to change or tweak the procedures, develop a special report or assist in setting up checks and balances for us. Today our payroll processing/reporting system functions very well. It is a pleasure to work with a group of professionals who are willing to grow with the Client, knowledgeable and current with regards to ever changing tax laws and filing procedures. PEOPLE’s expertise has helped alleviate the stress of doing payroll, paying and filing the taxes and researching the laws or regulations for the various states and local municipalities in which we do business.

We would recommend PEOPLE for any business looking for a great partnership.”

Government Contractor
Based in New Jersey, operations nationally

“Having employees in over 20 states, we were in need of a company who would be responsible for payroll, tax submissions as well as our Work Comp insurance and HR needs. We signed up with PEOPLE and found that their services have been valuable to us in many ways. When questions come up regarding payroll, insurance or HR, PEOPLE responds quickly and researches if needed for accurate answers.

PEOPLE has been and still is a company that takes our needs as if we were their biggest and only Client. The individual attention given to us -no matter how small the question- along with a very fast response time, has been a lifesaver for us.

PEOPLE has gone beyond the scope of their services in helping us. We look forward to many more years of having PEOPLE as our business partner.”

Security Industry
Based in Massachusetts, operations globally

“PEOPLE was able to adapt quickly to the business model of our agency. Since we partnered with PEOPLE, they have provided the best education and recommendations we could ask for.

PEOPLE has greatly impacted our company in such a way it gives us an ‘edge’ over our competitors when it comes to payroll and Human Resources matters. There is no other company that comes close to the quality and standards that PEOPLE  exhibits. Thank you so much PEOPLE for everything that you do!”

Quality Assurance/Accounting Analyst
Healthcare Industry
Corporate Headquarters in Texas, providing services nationwide

“We decided to work with an Outsourcing company so that we did not have to administer our payroll, or be responsible for payroll taxes and insurance. With PEOPLE, we can have as much or as little contact with their staff as we want and need. PEOPLE is there to answer questions and I am able to do all our reporting on PEOPLE’s Client website in 10 to 15 minutes per week.

When calculating what our total payroll expenses would have been without PEOPLE, vs. the expense that we incur by utilizing their services, PEOPLE costs us only slightly more. It is clear that working with PEOPLE does save us money. Also, working with PEOPLE allows us to focus on our business.

I would recommend PEOPLE to any employer who is looking to save time and money on their Payroll & HR functions.”

Insurance Sales & Marketing Industry
Based in North Carolina, operations nationally

“Our small company doesn’t fit into any of the standard business boxes – employees in all 50 states, international and domestic assignments, in-house benefit plans, explosive growth and constantly changing requirements. PEOPLE is the ONLY firm that has risen to the occasion to meet our needs with a flexible approach to providing the services we need, not just the services they want to pre-package and sell.

PEOPLE has been a valuable business partner and one of the keys to our growth and success – We left one of the ‘big name – big advertising budget’ firms when we expanded into the international arena – they simply couldn’t support our growth; at any price. Not only did PEOPLE support our international growth, but they did so by building the services we needed! We trust PEOPLE’s innovation and customer service orientation to help us compete world-wide.”

CFO & General Counsel
Energy Services Firm – Construction and Commissioning Industry
Based in Georgia, offices located globally

“Working with PEOPLE has made our job so much easier! We have less paperwork, no tax deadlines to meet, and much less stress on our end. PEOPLE and our Company work together as a team. Any questions or concerns we have are put to ease immediately. We always receive quick responses from the PEOPLE representatives. Our payroll checks are delivered on time and with no errors! PEOPLE works to save our Company money on workers’ compensation by shopping around for the best prices for us. They are constantly looking for ways to make our job easier. They recently changed the way we submit our payroll and it has cut my payroll processing time in half!

We highly recommend PEOPLE to anyone who is looking for a partner in the Payroll and Human Resource area of their company.”

Modular Building/Cargo Trailer Manufacturing Industry
South Georgia

“We are confident and satisfied with the professionalism, accuracy and capability of PEOPLE. Our weekly payroll checks, workers’ compensation insurance and our 401(k) are processed with confidentiality and discretion. We appreciate the consistent ‘human touch’ behind everything PEOPLE does for us. We highly recommend the services of PEOPLE.”

Office Manager
Company specializing in house shoring, leveling, foundation repair, elevation and moving

“PEOPLE provides solutions that include HR Technology, HR Administration Services and HR Professional Support. These were important internal functions we wanted to outsource so we could concentrate on our business expansion efforts.

We would personally recommend PEOPLE to any business owner and to any Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) firm to engage PEOPLE.”

Accounting and Consulting Firm

“As a Company in the Healthcare Industry, it is critical that time is managed appropriately and productively and all the support staff concentrate on patient care. In order to maximize our patient care efforts, we outsourced time consuming cost prohibitive tasks such as Human Resource Administration to PEOPLE.

We also engaged PEOPLE for our other businesses and have recommended their services to friends and family that employ 10 to over 1,000 staff members which includes Hotels, Private Physicians Practices, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes and Hospitals. All businesses that were referred to PEOPLE agree that services provided by PEOPLE are of the highest level and their staff is prompt, professional and knowledgeable.

There is something to be said for any organization that can maintain such high levels of service. We not only endorse PEOPLE as the top HR provider but also commend their leadership responsible for recruiting top HR Professionals that continue to foster an environment of employee retention and employer growth while progressively enhancing all aspects of their internal processes, products and services to better serve us as clients.

If anyone is in the business to grow their business, partner with PEOPLE and the return on investment will be well worth while.”

Healthcare, Physician’s Office

“We have 26 facilities located in 6 states with over 1,200 employees. We have found that our partnership with PEOPLE has greatly reduced the costs associated with our workers’ compensation and labor for processing our payroll.

Much time and energy was spent on our initial conversation in order to customize a system that worked well for us. PEOPLE and its team of professionals are to be commended for all of their ongoing efforts.”

Corporate HQ in Florida, providing services in 26 locations in 6 states nationwide