Time & Attendance

Automate, Manage and Analyze Workforce Labor Data

People offers intuitive Time & Attendance solutions which focus on planning, managing and optimizing your business productivity. Our broad solutions help Managers transform workforce labor data into accurate information to make real time business decisions. Our variety provides the ability to select the best option to meet your business objectives, configured to your unique business environment.

You may choose from basic time capturing devices like Time Tender, with the swipe card feature; an advanced version with biometric, finger print verification technology; a StingRaey 305 which includes a scheduler feature; up to the most sophisticated solution which captures video integration. These technological advancements prevent costly overtime exposure, payroll errors and reduce the time and expense to collect and calculate traditional time cards.

People’s Time & Attendance solutions also provide seamless integration into  Client Self-Service (CSS), our robust online payroll application. Contact your PEOPLE representative to discuss the functionality and pricing of our offerings.


Efficient Interface

  • Simple web-based time record submittal
  • Seamless two-way integration with CSS
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual and scheduling capabilities
  • Supervisor approval systems to authorize PTO & hours worked

Flexible Functionality

  • Accommodates distinct payroll rules for different employee groups
  • Available accounting frameworks based on your business needs—calendar, anniversary date, fiscal year, etc.
  • General Ledger integration

Powerful Reporting Capability

  • Precise management reports on hours, overtime accruals, and job-costing
  • Detailed insight enables accurate measures for project profitability


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