Mansplaining Should Be Removed from Your Office Vocabulary

Oct 18 2016, by PEOPLE HRO in News

It is not new in the modern world: Mansplaining. Men think that some women cannot do their work well without an explanation of what they already know. The same goes for men explaining it to other men in the office that may or may not have already known how to work around the company. It is a term that can impact the newest minds and the division of men and women in the same company.

Mansplaining is a big problem for companies. It can impact the productivity of female counterparts as well as the younger and newer employees. In one example, two women worked on a digital business model for three years in a lab, and on the phone the man decided to tell them about the concept and not listen to their side of the conversation. It happens almost everywhere you can go. It doesn’t matter if you are man or a woman, having to be explained a process you know makes you feel stuck and tired of the same in and out job you have held onto after you were hired.

A study from Columbia University and the University of Maryland show that performance in the business suffers if women are not in higher positions. That being said it also shows anyone who is unable to voice their opinion and is told to be silent because they don’t know what they are doing also affects the company’s worth. But the contrast showed the opposite when a woman was in a position of higher authority such as a manager or a company founder, a firms worth could increase by nearly $42 million dollars.

If you feel duped by people explaining to you something you already know and have worked on for years. You can always take control of the conversation when there is a pause or a break in the conversation between those explaining what you know to what you want to do about it. With the two women in the earlier example, they know how to work around people who have to explain what it is that they have worked on for years. However, sometimes when the conversation doesn’t seem to end up being in your favor. There shouldn’t be a problem in having to interrupt your counterpart. If you are looking for the direction of the conversation to be in your favor, don’t hesitate, simply make sure that you interrupt at the appropriate moment to talk about what you planned to discuss in the first place.

Business can do better to work on avoiding mansplaining or other forms of explanation become a problem in the performance of the company as a whole. But even though these types of people exist, the only you can do is work with them or work around their problems. It is just a matter of coexistence and co-working to the same goal.