Case Studies


Massachusetts Security Company

With PEOPLE, we’re much better positioned for rapid growth, and we’re confident that now we have a system that can grow with the company for many years to come.”

— Director of People and Organizational Development

  • No centralized HR capabilities
  • Lack of access to global information for executive team
  • Manual, time-consuming payroll reporting
  • Lack of integration of payroll and benefits
  • No employee or manager self-service
  • Implemented PEOPLE Human Resources Information System
  • Single system of record for all employees with access to global executive team
  • Integrated payroll system for more effective business processes
  • Self-service provides managers with an accurate, real time view of their organization
  • Employee self-service provides employees access to their personal data
  • Cloud-based delivery offers zero up-front investment, overall cost savings, and access to data from anywhere
  • Rapid deployment in just 3 weeks
  • A global view of the workforce for management and executive teams
  • Easier, automatic reporting
  • Improved business processes
  • A more strategic role for the HR organization, freeing them from mundane transactional tasks

North Carolina based Insurance Agency

Our ability to secure superior health insurance for less and re-allocate resources normally required in Payroll and HR to other areas was a game changer.”

— Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration

  • No unified health insurance programs
  • Separate payroll system and benefits administration application
  • Disjointed manual HR processes
  • No assistance with complex compliance requirements
  • Constructed a robust benefits package with choices that met the needs of all employees
  • Unified system-of-record for payroll and improved analytics and reporting
  • Completely off-loaded benefits administration to PEOPLE
  • Streamlined the hiring process, payroll, performance management, compensation and exit interviews
  • Cloud-based technology with zero up-front investment, reduction in IT staff and access to data from anywhere
  • A more competitive benefits package resulting in a 35% reduction in turnover
  • Automated, streamlined support for payroll and complete benefits administration management
  • Access to information from anywhere, anytime
  • A more efficient, strategic role for Leadership team that is free from mundane, manual tasks
  • Elimination of manual data entry enables staff to operate at a higher level from anywhere at anytime

Case Studies


National Senior Healthcare Services Management Company

PEOPLE allows us to do a lot of things in HR that we haven’t been able to do to date. A major benefit is that we can move forward faster. We aren’t bogged down by difficult and time-consuming state filings and WC audits

— Vice President of Human Resources

  • Needed a flexible system that could onboard new properties in a moment’s notice
  • Had to address financial challenges as a result of the recession
  • Needed to streamline administrative functions in order to free up resources to put towards core missions
  • Cycled to trouble with Workers’ Compensation injuries – costs skyrocketing
  • Implemented PEOPLE’s Tier 1 HR Information System with dedicated field support for new acquisitions
  • Consolidation of HR & Payroll operations into a unified shared service environment
  • Streamlined recruiting efforts for the quick pace of hiring that occurs at acquisition
  • Manager Guidebook training was intuitive and easy to use, enabling client & employee self service
  • PEOPLE supported safety and risk management processes defined and executed
  • The company reduced acquisition manpower, lowered its transaction costs and is able to focus more resources on core competencies and growth
  • Lower, predictable premium costs, safety awareness and employee morale at its highest level in company history, no surprise audit premiums or OSHA fines

Global Power & Energy Engineering & Consulting Firm

PEOPLE took the time to understand our needs. I felt like I was partnering with an organization that had my interests at heart—not their profits.

— Chief Financial Officer & General Counsel

  • Had employees spread out in all 50 states and abroad
  • Constantly changing regulatory requirements
  • Needed a national employee benefits package to compete for highly compensated high demand employees
  • Needed retirement assistance and planning for their aging workforce and succession plan
  • PEOPLE’s service team to provide turn-key national support
  • Conducted employment regulatory audit to identify gaps enabling client to focus on industry specific regulation
  • Worked with client to fashion a national health plan that met the needs of today and tomorrow (PPACA)
  • PEOPLE’s executive benefits and financial planning team developed a strategy to keep key employees
  • Client experience 25% growth in each of it’s first 5 years
  • Provided employment regulatory guidance based on audit findings and filled gaps reducing potential liability
  • Enabled client to shore up industry specific regulatory compliance saving thousands in fines
  • Leveraged our national health insurance program for all employees, increased network and reduced premium
  • Client retained 75% of expected retirees for an average additional 4 years longer than originally planned
  • Created executive benefits package to prepare for eventual successor and to retain key staff