Cutthroat Culture Is Not Good for Your Work Benefit

11.01.2016 in News

We know a toxic environment is not good for us. Some companies think it is okay to crack some imaginary whip and hope that their workers get to work. If that doesn’t work out, there could be more things that could undermine the motivation of…


Mansplaining Should Be Removed from Your Office Vocabulary

10.18.2016 in News

It is not new in the modern world: Mansplaining. Men think that some women cannot do their work well without an explanation of what they already know. The same goes for men explaining it to other men in the office that may or may not…

10.11.16 Persuasive People

Dealing with Persuasive People In the Office

10.11.2016 in News

It is not a matter of convincing your boss to give you that raise or promotion, but it does have something to do with the amount of persuasion that can be used to get your boss or your co-workers to do what you want. Sometimes,…

Portrait Of Sad Business Team

Meetings Are Killers For Innovation

10.04.2016 in News

You may not like sitting in the conference room for almost an hour. You may be sending emails or text messages while your boss is talking about upcoming sales for the month and the projected growth of the company. No one likes meetings or conversations…

Business meeting

Being Authentic In The Workplace Is Not A Bad Thing

09.27.2016 in News

You hear that it’s hard to be you in a type of culture where everyone has to be like the other person to land the job of your dreams. But it is no wonder why Oscar Wilde has put authentication as his number one reason…

Female personnel officer doing a job interview

Put Your Excuses In Your Bosses’ Shoes

09.20.2016 in News

Your boss is the one person who has both power and a stable relationship. You may think it is easy to work with bosses from time to time. But there are always those employees who give excuse after excuse that sometimes your boss is just…

Businesswomen working

Generational Workforce: The People Who Make Up Your Company

09.13.2016 in News

It seems that in the modern era, you go for the tech savvy, you go for the smartphone obsessed, you go for the ones who know how to use certain devices like Bluetooth and tablets. They’re the millennial generation and about 55 million of these…

08.30.16 confidence

Leadership and Poise: Being Self-Confident at the Office

08.30.2016 in News

Leadership is a learned skill. Poise is exactly the same way. For those who were leaders of their own time, they certainly had poise as well. From Frida Kahlo to Alan Ginsberg, these male and female leaders can help you understand the self-confidence and charm…