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Workers’ Compensation Issues to Look Out For

Dec 10 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

Workers’ compensation is always a concern for employers. You want to make sure that you’re not breaking any laws or unintentionally harming your employees in any way. Not to mention, workers’ compensation laws seem to be constantly evolving so it can be difficult to keep up with all the new rules and regulations. However, it’s incredibly important for employers to stay on top of these changes and to understand how your workers’ compensation policies can be affected. Here are some workers’ compensation issues to look out for.

One big shift that employers need to look out for when it comes to workers’ compensation issues involves healthcare and disability management. Employers these days are working directly with healthcare networks to make sure that their employees receive the best care possible. Employers are more aware than ever that healthy and happy employees are more productive and efficient. This is now starting to branch into a deeper understanding of disability management. In particular, employers are paying even more attention to a more holistic approach to employee healthcare, including mental and emotional wellness, no longer just focusing on disabilities that are associated with workers’ compensation claims.

Another huge change in the workplace that will be affecting workers’ compensation is the rise of independent contractors. Independent contractors are not necessarily new in the workforce, but they are becoming more common and more employers are opting to hire independent contractors. In order to know who is covered under your workers’ compensation policies, you need to know who is an employee and who is an independent contractor. Independent contractors typically take the brunt of the risk upon themselves, so you don’t want to list any of your actual employees as an independent contractor when they should be receiving protection under workers’ compensation and vice versa. Getting some legal advice on this can help you determine who in your workforce will fall under workers’ compensation protection.

Of course, the rapidly changing workforce and workplace are definitely impacting workers’ compensation. Technology is now fully integrated into our everyday lives, and this carries over into the workplace. Employers are finding that they have to stay ahead of the technological curve in order to stay relevant in their market. With increased technology has come increased mobility and in many ways, this is a wonderful thing. However, it can cause the line between work and personal life to become blurred. This can cause some complications for workers’ compensation claims since it can be difficult to determine what counts as a workplace injury for work-at-home employees.

Every employer knows that there is a lot of nuance and detail when it comes to workers’ compensation. There are many factors that employers need to consider in order to ensure that their employees are as safe and protected as possible. Keeping an eye out for workers’ compensations issues like these is a great place to start in the ongoing effort to create a healthy and safe workplace environment.