Want to Become a Network Guru? Follow These Tips

May 27 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

Networking plays a huge part in sales. Getting to know people and building a loyal clientele is crucial to your income, however, networking isn’t about trying to sell something to every person you encounter, there is still a process for qualifying. Like any other part of sales, you have to learn who is worth your time and who isn’t.

Here a few tricks that can help increase your networking skills:

Quality over Quantity. Networking is about conversing with those who matter, not just gathering contact information from strangers that have no interest in what you’re selling. Exchange contact information last. Offering your contact information to someone that is not interested is a complete waste of time. Cards do not matter unless the salesperson giving it away leaves knowledge worth calling about. Always exchange information at the end of a conversation with someone. You need to find out if the person has interest in your product or service.

Think outside of the box. Don’t network with only those in your particular field, open yourself up to others and embrace the people in the other networks. It’s like a never ending address book.

Save the sales pitch for actual sales calls or appointments. Networking is a time for learning and listening. The trick is to not fill peoples’ heads with the information that would say on an inbound call, just relax, have fun and mingle.

Take your time when saying goodbye. You want to make a lasting impression and do not want to look as if you have to run away suddenly. People will remember your last words if you treat them as the most important.

Do not just attend other networking parties, make your own. The host of events normally get the most attention, schedule your own events so people can hear your name and learn who you are.

What networking strategies do you incorporate to increase your sales potential?