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Vets and the EEOC: What It Means Beyond the Camouflage

Jun 28 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

As July 4 comes around the corner, there are more veterans entering the workforce to work for companies that fit their interests and careers. Yet as more companies and their employers are skeptical of hiring veterans for employment, here are some things these companies need to know before passing their application onto the next person in line.

First, veterans are some of the highly trained and overqualified individuals who will put a lot of dedication and time into their work. During basic boot camp training and military college education, all veterans and military officers are expected to hold themselves accountable to for getting the job done. They have to pass with the highest grade, the highest GPA, and the highest measurable effort that they have placed into their career path of choice. They can handle pressure and stress like no other person because they are trained to keep a calm head when things get ugly. So for example, an employer hands a stack of fifty papers for a veteran employee to organize and sift through for accurate information, they can get it done quickly and efficiently in less time and that means more tasks can be completed over a course of one day versus one week.

Second, veterans following active duty need a schedule and an adjustment period. Their bodies are used to regiment and an exact schedule of time for meals, breaks, and active military shifts. So if they have a 40-hour work week with 8 hours a day, they can actually get a lot of things done faster and better organized than most employees. That being said veterans who schedule their time at work, are efficient and more accountable of future opportunities that their company can provide.

Finally, veterans are some of the most determined people anyone can know. If they are given a task or a job, they will do it with pride and with a lot of patience because perfection and positive feedback from any employer is key to continue what they love to do the most, working in their favorite career. Nothing works better for a company’s growth than veteran employee who can take on the bigger problems such as tackling that next big marketing meeting or that budget sheet and growth chart for next year.

There are a lot of benefits that companies can earn when they hire a veteran for their employee. They can make effective use of their time and they can manage their schedules and hours worked per day much faster than other employees. But while they tend to be hard on themselves for other tasks at the office, they hold onto the aspiration to do better than other people because they see the potential in benefiting their employer in more ways than one. That is why the veteran employee is the best employee. They are an entire package of the best workers who made employee of the month rolled into one with a big giant stars and stripe ribbon to show it.