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Using Video in Your Sales Pitch

Oct 29 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

All salespeople know that one of the most difficult parts of the sales process is getting your schedule and your prospective client’s schedule to match up. When you’re available, your prospect is busy. When your prospect is available, you’re busy. This is simply a challenge that salespeople have to overcome one way or another. A great way to do this is by using video in your sales pitch.

Sometimes it’s just impossible to find a date that works for both parties to go over your content together. When this happens, you might be tempted to send the information over email but this can get confusing or overwhelming for your lead. Instead, suggest sending a video that can demonstrate your content. A video is a great way to enhance your sales pitch, especially if you’re having difficulty coming up with a time and place when you and your client can meet in person. Videos allow you to demonstrate what you are offering and give a thorough explanation that might otherwise get jumbled up in an email. This allows you to still give your sales pitch and it ensures that your client has all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision.

Many salespeople are already tech savvy but you don’t need to worry about being a an expert to create a video for your sales pitch. You can use a program to record your computer screen and make a slideshow or spreadsheet to demonstrate your content. Then do a voiceover, offering a clear and detailed explanation just like you would if you were conducting a meeting in person. There are a number of ways that you get can get your video to your client, it just depends on what works best for both of you. You can simply send it as an attachment in an email if the file isn’t too large, or your can upload it to video hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo as a password protected video so that only your client has access to it. The ultimate goal of using a video in your sales pitch is to get your information across clearly, almost as if you were right there in the room with your prospective client.

You know that your client is busy and they genuinely want to hear what you have to say. Don’t let scheduling issues prevent you from providing your service or product to a potential client. Instead, take advantage of today’s technology and make a video for your client. You can record when it’s convenient for you and your prospect can watch when it’s convenient for them. If you’re used to physical sales pitches, using a video to pitch in your place can be a little unnerving. But don’t be afraid to use the technological resources available to you in your sales process. Video sales pitches might not totally take over your sales process, but they sure can help in a pinch. Your prospective clients will see that you are serious about working with them and will appreciate the effort you put in, whether that effort manifests in person or through a video.