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Using Apps for Sales Productivity

Oct 22 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

There’s no doubt about it that technology is an incredibly important tool for just about everything, including sales. Using the right tools throughout your sales process is crucial to your success and can help you close faster. A great way to increase your sales productivity is by finding and using apps that can streamline your process.

If you rely on Excel and other such programs, you will benefit from an app that integrates itself with Excel for easy access to your spreadsheets. You can look at and modify your sales data as well as examine forecasts, budget updates, quota counts and more. This will also allow you to consolidate all of your spreadsheets that are saved in various locations to one spot that is easy to manage and access. You also won’t have to worry about manually inputting data, which can lead to inaccuracies, if the app includes import and export features. When you have all of the information you need in one area and you don’t have to worry about inputting data by hand, your sales process will be faster and more accurate.

Organization apps are also very helpful for salespeople when it comes to improving sales productivity. You can find a sales-specific app or something with a more generalized purpose. Either way, try to find one that allows you to create task templates so you can list out your rules and methods for the various steps in your sales process, from leads to opportunities to contacts to accounts. This will help keep you focused on what needs to be done for each step. You may also even be able to flag certain tasks that are assigned to a step and create a plan of action that you can assign to your leads’ records. Through an organizational app you can make sure that your sales process is fluid and streamlined each time.

Apps that can help you keep track of emails will also be great for your sales productivity. The sales process often starts these days with an email exchange between salespeople and their leads. You will need to keep a close eye on your emails in order to follow up and keep the right data associated with the right client. Some apps can help you keep everything in check by syncing up your emails, calendar appointments, and call schedules. When you have all your conversations grouped together by client, you can keep yourself from getting information mixed up. You may end up costing yourself a lead or a client by referencing the wrong conversation and causing confusion.

When you are well organized, you can keep yourself from getting stressed and overwhelmed and it will show your clients and leads that you are a capable salesperson. It will also help you get through the sales process faster and more efficiently. Consider turning to apps to improve your sales productivity by keeping all of your valuable information neatly in place. Not to mention, you can access your apps from just about anywhere and at any time.