Things To Check For With ACA Compliance

Jun 21 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

With the constantly changing laws and regulations regarding the ACA, it’s no wonder that business owners and employers are nervous about their ACA compliance and even frustrated that it can be so difficult to stay updated. Luckily, we as agents are there to help them figure it all out and take a little bit of that burden off of our clients’ shoulders so they can get back to running their businesses. Here are some things that agents need to check in on and update clients about to make sure that everything is up to code for the ACA.

First things first, agents will need to help their clients formulate a plan document. Having a plan document that is accurate and up to date is essential for proper assessment of the health plan itself. If business owners and employers have a plan document that doesn’t actually match up with how they actually provide benefits to employees, they’ll be out of compliance with the ACA. It’s as simple as that. Agents need to stay on top of this task to make sure that nothing is on the plan document that shouldn’t be there, or to make sure that nothing has been left off. Additionally, agents should make sure that the language in the summary of the plans and benefits doesn’t contradict what’s actually written out in the final plan document.

Agents, business owners, and employers all know about wellness programs. You probably have clients that you’re working with on establishing or maintaining wellness programs. Agents all over the country have been keep an eye on the recent lawsuits brought on by the EEOC and what these rulings might reveal. Thankfully, the EEOC has finally established rules on how to create wellness programs so that they don’t violate the ADA. The ACA also has rules in place regarding wellness programs. Agents with clients who are utilizing wellness programs will need to look over the new EEOC rules as well as the rules in place with the ACA and make sure that any documents relating to the wellness program take all of these rules into account.

As always, agents will need to continue watching out for court rulings. Information is power, especially when it comes to ACA compliance. And because things can change so quickly, staying on top of relevant cases is crucial for allowing agents to provide the best service for their clients. For example, the recent lawsuit against Dave & Buster’s is one for agents to read up on and share with clients. According to the lawsuit, Dave & Buster’s violated the law because it cut employee hours to under 30 a week to avoid providing health care coverage through the ACA. Agents, employers, and business owners need to stay informed on recent rulings to ensure ACA compliance.

Figuring out the ACA isn’t an easy task, and it’s especially burdensome for business owners and employers who are trying to keep their ships sailing. It’s up to us agents to make sure that these key areas are monitored for ACA compliance.