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The “Why’s” of Body Language in Sales

May 20 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

If you want to deliver the best sales presentation ever then you need to get, not only speech involved, but your body language too. We hear the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” quite often, this is especially true in sales. Your body language says a lot about the message in your sales presentation you want to relay. Why? Take a look at the reasons below:

Why walk around the room during a sales presentation? The closer you are to the people you are presenting to, the more they will participate.

Why use small stiff gestures during a sales presentation? To show your audience you mean business.

Why smile during a sales presentation? To help your audience feel at ease.

Why use a variety of positive gestures throughout a sales presentation? So your audience does not get bored.

Why keep you back straight and arms open? To show your audience you are confident, even when you are nervous.

Sales presentations can be nerve racking, using body language the correct way – even under pressure – can help you and your audience feel at ease. Body language can help sell or ruin a sell.

What body language gestures are you using to help you during sales presentations to get your audience to buy or trust you?