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Casual Workplace Habits and What Needs to Change

10.18.2016 in Sales

We all enjoy having some sort of casual and comfortable attire to wear at the office. But trying to make yourself too casual: allowing your employees to dress in jeans and shirts, flexible locations, and even cussing to the point that it could overall impact…

Angry boss firing a woman in a suit carrying a box of personal i

Sex Discrimination And The EEOC: What Your Clients Need To Know

06.28.2016 in Sales

Committing EEOC violations is a huge concern for business owners and employers. Their wallets and their reputations can both take a pretty big hit. As agents, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest news, keep our clients informed about legal changes, and…

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How You Help Business Owners with Stress

03.16.2016 in Sales

Your clients are small business owners and they probably work at least sixty hours a week, oftentimes more. Everything, from developing the business to paying bills, falls to them. How can they possibly accomplish everything on their to-do list, especially during the busy and stressful…