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21 Tips for Sales Agents

10.26.2016 in Sales

We all know what it is like when it comes to the marketing world. You have to sell products to meet a certain quota. But when it comes to selling yourself it is a challenge that affects young and old people alike in the sales…

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The Secret Social Media Weapon for Sales and B2B Marketing

10.04.2016 in Sales

Social media is such a huge influence on our lives. But the biggest influence for sales and marketing for most business will be their Facebook pages. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your company, you may need to get one now. Facebook is…

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Shutting Down the Innovation Lab: Why It Is the Right Move

09.06.2016 in Sales

The definition of innovation is combining creative ideas with business models for success. But for some companies, these innovation groups are often being shut down. Yet, in the world of business some people think it was due to the fact that the higher-ups ‘don’t understand…

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Common Objections for HR Outsourcing

03.30.2016 in Sales

Agents know how absolutely beneficial HR outsourcing can be for most business owners, no matter what the business is. Unfortunately, business owners and employers don’t always know this and they can even be skeptical at first. But it’s your goal as an agent to give…

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Helping Your Clients Understand PEOs

03.23.2016 in Sales

PEOs are gaining popularity among business owners and employers. However, there are still many out there who are unsure about PEOs and what they can do for their business. Starting a new path is always a little intimidating. As an agent, it’s your job to…

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How You Help Business Owners with Stress

03.16.2016 in Sales

Your clients are small business owners and they probably work at least sixty hours a week, oftentimes more. Everything, from developing the business to paying bills, falls to them. How can they possibly accomplish everything on their to-do list, especially during the busy and stressful…

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What Your Clients Need to Know About ACA Form 1095

03.09.2016 in Sales

The deadline to get ACA forms to employees is looming near. Employees and business owners alike are understandably nervous about ACA compliance and getting everything just right. But with how busy business owners and employers are with everything else, it can be difficult to keep…

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Crucial Steps for ACA Compliance

03.02.2016 in Sales

This year is a big one for employers because 2016 is the first year for ACA reporting and audits. All of the ACA forms and rules are complicated, so it’s no wonder that employers are feeling nervous and overwhelmed. Follow these crucial steps for ACA…