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21 Tips for Sales Agents

10.26.2016 in Sales

We all know what it is like when it comes to the marketing world. You have to sell products to meet a certain quota. But when it comes to selling yourself it is a challenge that affects young and old people alike in the sales…

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The Secret Social Media Weapon for Sales and B2B Marketing

10.04.2016 in Sales

Social media is such a huge influence on our lives. But the biggest influence for sales and marketing for most business will be their Facebook pages. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your company, you may need to get one now. Facebook is…

08.23.16 keeping freelancers

4 Ways to Keep the Best Freelancers at Your Company

08.23.2016 in Sales

Freelancers are the best people to come by. They can travel to places and destinations and even help your company come off the ground when you don’t even have to lift a finger. Freelancers are often remote workers hired by companies to help with their…

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Five Simple Methods of Getting More Talent

08.02.2016 in Sales

Everyone’s company goes through an expansion phase. They need more departments, they need more people, and they need new talent. So how is it that those companies can get the best talent? By following these five simple steps, you can easily get more talent to…

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Vets and the EEOC: What It Means Beyond the Camouflage

06.28.2016 in Sales

As July 4 comes around the corner, there are more veterans entering the workforce to work for companies that fit their interests and careers. Yet as more companies and their employers are skeptical of hiring veterans for employment, here are some things these companies need…

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Useful Reminders for Closing a Sale

09.02.2015 in Sales

It’s true, even the top performing salespeople can use reminders for sales techniques, especially when it comes to closing. Closing a sale can be one of the most challenging, but most crucial, parts of your pitch. Here are a few useful reminders for closing a…

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Networking Strategies for Sales Reps

07.07.2015 in Sales

First it was door-to-door, then it was cold calls and emails, now networking? What has the sales industry evolved into? The demand for success in today’s economy is necessary and the need to keep up with the ever-changing strategies to increase sales is expected. Though…


Want to Become a Network Guru? Follow These Tips

05.27.2015 in Sales

Networking plays a huge part in sales. Getting to know people and building a loyal clientele is crucial to your income, however, networking isn’t about trying to sell something to every person you encounter, there is still a process for qualifying. Like any other part…