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Hitting targets

Why Salespeople Need to Set Targets

12.03.2015 in Sales

Not having expectations for your sales process is a big mistake. If you really want to succeed, you need to set goals. This is true for almost every aspect of life but it’s an especially important fact for salespeople. If you want to win your…

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The Building Blocks of Sales

11.26.2015 in Sales

Understanding the building blocks of sales is essential for all salespeople, whether you’re brand new or an old pro. For new salespeople, knowing these building blocks and how to apply them will help you as you get started on your journey. For sales veterans, periodically…

Charts of sales growth written with chalk on a blackboard

Messing Up the Rhythm of Your Sales Process

11.19.2015 in Sales

You might not think so at first, but there’s a distinct rhythm to the sales world. All salespeople need to know this rhythm and how they can work with it in order to be successful. Having some issues in your sales process can seriously cause…

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Why Salespeople Experience Inconsistent Sales Results

11.12.2015 in Sales

All Salespeople know the struggle of producing consistent sales results. Landing a big client here or there is certainly an accomplishment to be proud of but everyone wants to know the trick to landing clients on a regular basis. Sometimes things will happen in the…

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How to Handle Objections

11.05.2015 in Sales

Every salesperson knows that overcoming objections is a normal part of the sales process. Prospects often have concerns about how your service will work with their business. Sometimes your prospects will even object to a meeting with you. Salespeople need ways to handle objections from…

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Using Video in Your Sales Pitch

10.29.2015 in Sales

All salespeople know that one of the most difficult parts of the sales process is getting your schedule and your prospective client’s schedule to match up. When you’re available, your prospect is busy. When your prospect is available, you’re busy. This is simply a challenge…

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Using Apps for Sales Productivity

10.22.2015 in Sales

There’s no doubt about it that technology is an incredibly important tool for just about everything, including sales. Using the right tools throughout your sales process is crucial to your success and can help you close faster. A great way to increase your sales productivity…

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Sales Practices to Avoid

10.15.2015 in Sales

There are many guides out there that tell salespeople what they should do in order to be successful. While it’s certainly important to know what sales practices you should keep in your arsenal, it’s also important to know what sales practices you should avoid. Doing…

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Listening Between the Lines in Sales

10.08.2015 in Sales

Salespeople are great listeners, right? Being able to listen is an incredibly important trait that all salespeople need to hone in order to be successful. But listening between the lines can really help you stand out to your clients and leads. Take all your listening…

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Tips for Sales Success

09.30.2015 in Sales

All salespeople dream of success. Because sales can be a long and complicated process, finding the path to success isn’t always clear cut. Whether you’re a brand new to sales or you’re a veteran salesperson, these tips for sales success will help you refine your…