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16 Referral Marketing Ideas to Get Referrals and Sell More

11.01.2016 in Sales

Marketing is a make or break place in the real world. Here are some marketing ideas that can get more referrals and sell more of your products or services. Get in your clients’ cell phones Having one client’s contact information is not enough. If you…

Portrait of business girl attending meeting

21 Tips for Sales Agents

10.26.2016 in Sales

We all know what it is like when it comes to the marketing world. You have to sell products to meet a certain quota. But when it comes to selling yourself it is a challenge that affects young and old people alike in the sales…

Businessman With Smartphone And Smartwatch Drinking Coffee

The Secret Social Media Weapon for Sales and B2B Marketing

10.04.2016 in Sales

Social media is such a huge influence on our lives. But the biggest influence for sales and marketing for most business will be their Facebook pages. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your company, you may need to get one now. Facebook is…

Team Meeting In Creative Office

Shutting Down the Innovation Lab: Why It Is the Right Move

09.06.2016 in Sales

The definition of innovation is combining creative ideas with business models for success. But for some companies, these innovation groups are often being shut down. Yet, in the world of business some people think it was due to the fact that the higher-ups ‘don’t understand…

Young businessman at the interview

Five Simple Methods of Getting More Talent

08.02.2016 in Sales

Everyone’s company goes through an expansion phase. They need more departments, they need more people, and they need new talent. So how is it that those companies can get the best talent? By following these five simple steps, you can easily get more talent to…


How a Customer Relationship Management System Can Help With Your Sales

09.09.2015 in Sales

The sales cycle is often a long and drawn out process. Salespeople must touch base with many different people in their client’s company because the decision-making process requires approval from various departments and management teams. It can be confusing and overwhelming to keep track of…


Avoiding the Pitfall of “I Haven’t Heard Back”

05.08.2015 in Sales

Getting blown off by leads should be expected every now and again, but it shouldn’t be happening with every attempt you make with every sales lead you contact. Sometimes persistence pays off, but other times it just becomes a nuisance. Here are some common pitfalls…