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PEOs Save Your Clients Time And Money

04.20.2016 in Sales

One of the biggest selling points when it comes to PEOs is that they can save your clients time and money. But these are also the areas that your clients tend not to realize are huge benefits. It’s up to you to show them just…

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Crucial Steps for ACA Compliance

03.02.2016 in Sales

This year is a big one for employers because 2016 is the first year for ACA reporting and audits. All of the ACA forms and rules are complicated, so it’s no wonder that employers are feeling nervous and overwhelmed. Follow these crucial steps for ACA…

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What’s the Deal with Declining FMLA Leave?

02.24.2016 in Sales

Employers already know that they have to tread carefully when it comes to anything involving FMLA, but there’s a tricky new trend that’s recently been leading to more FMLA lawsuits. Lately, employees have been asking to not use their FMLA leave for their medical related…