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16 Referral Marketing Ideas to Get Referrals and Sell More

11.01.2016 in Sales

Marketing is a make or break place in the real world. Here are some marketing ideas that can get more referrals and sell more of your products or services. Get in your clients’ cell phones Having one client’s contact information is not enough. If you…

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How to Overcome the Time Objection

08.27.2015 in Sales

One of the most common objections salespeople face is that their prospect needs a little more time to think the offer over. Of course, you don’t want to seem pushy so you agree to wait until they get back to you. In reality, this objection…

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Indecisive Buyers, What’s up with that?

05.29.2015 in Sales

Buyers want your product, buyers need your product, but why are they so indecisive, especially, since you have perfected the sales process? You did every step flawlessly, and they even admitted that the product would help them and make “life” easier. What went wrong? How…