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Sex Discrimination And The EEOC: What Your Clients Need To Know

06.28.2016 in Sales

Committing EEOC violations is a huge concern for business owners and employers. Their wallets and their reputations can both take a pretty big hit. As agents, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest news, keep our clients informed about legal changes, and…

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Building Trust from Prospects Begins With You

06.03.2015 in Sales

There is no doubt, sales reps have somewhat of a bad reputation, but many can turn those thoughts around when they have the right sales techniques. Buyers will not take time to listen to what you are offering if they do not trust you. Here…

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The “Why’s” of Body Language in Sales

05.20.2015 in Sales

If you want to deliver the best sales presentation ever then you need to get, not only speech involved, but your body language too. We hear the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” quite often, this is especially true in sales. Your body language says…