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Social Media Recruitment: What You Need to Know

Aug 16 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

Everyone is connected to something, albeit Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media app is the latest rage. But when it comes to recruitment, doing it over social media is a little more complicated than doing online posts for future employees and creating next step interviews. Here’s a few ways in which you can manage better recruitment strategies over social media.

To screen your applicants, you may want to screen them after they have done an interview or a phone call. But for some reason if you decide to screen them early in the process on their social media, then that might have cost you. Their social media is mostly their personality and what they are like outside the office, by screening that too early you may hinder your chance of finding a great match for your company. It is better to wait out what you have seen in an interview before looking on their social media accounts.

The second best thing would be that when it comes to social media, have HR look at their social media and not you as the company holder. It could be invasive if you did it yourself but when HR reviews your future employee’s social media feed, it is worth the consideration that they know what to look for in the hiring process and at the individual than going the opposite direction. However, the key is consistency. If you are consistent in the reviews of social media pages through a third party who knows what to look for, you will have a much more confident standing in hiring the right candidate.

But the biggest thing when it comes to social media is when you ask your future employee to hand over their passwords and account information to their social media pages. That is invasion of privacy and in some states it is a criminal act that can get you jail time and a big fee. There are 20 out of 50 states that have laws against companies asking for social media account information.

Hiring people is stressful and frustrating, but finding the right tactics to narrow down the hiring pool are some of the big ways in which social media can play a huge impact. But always make sure of state guidelines when using social media and also what is something that is public versus private information you can access when looking at potential candidates. Overall, social media is a much better way to understand your employee and finding the right match for your company.