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Sales Isn’t Always about Making Calls: A Sales Outline for LinkedIn

Mar 13 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

Starting up a sales marketing plan isn’t the same as it was 5 years ago. These days, sales are not only driven from cold calls or door to door, a lot of sales are based on social media, especially, LinkedIn. LinkedIn in designed for professionals and businesses alike. Many companies are now realizing how social media can benefit their sales. If you are a new sales person and not sure how to use LinkedIn can influence your sales, here is a great outline you can follow:

News Feed
Adjust your news feed to information revolving around your product or service. Confusing followers with non-related stories is not a good sales marketing strategy.

Connect with People
Find people you know already and connect with them. Already have some prospects in mind? Find and connect with them also. Connecting with people from your past can generate leads for potential sales.

Connect with Companies
Now that you have some potential leads, now you can expand to bigger companies. Connecting with companies whom can benefit from your product is a great way to increase sales.

Like cold calling, you can send cold messages to prospects you have found that are interested in the product or services you sell. This is a great tool for any sales person. A sales person should never abuse the messaging system and over-spam; that is one way you will get yourself blocked.

You are a sales person, you are a professional trying to get your product out there. Your profile needs to show who you are and what you are offering.

Some points a sales person should remember:

1. An incomplete profile is an incompetent sales strategy
2. Revolve your profile around your products or services
3. Connect, comment, and respond

Using social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, in your sales plan can help you narrow down and generate more leads. With increased leads comes increased sales. Whether you work for a company or are an independent sales person, maximizing your tools can maximize your potential.

Do you use any social media platforms in your sales strategy? If so, have you seen a change in the amount of leads generated or an increase in sales?