Sales Guidelines for Every Sales Rep

Apr 18 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

In sales, closing is the beginning of the ending process, and the most strategic. As with every profession, there are certain guidelines that should be followed to meet your goals, but in sales, the guidelines are more delicate and one wrong move could compromise what you worked so hard for – the sale itself!

Here are some great guidelines to follow and keep in mind when it comes to time for your closing negotiations:

Every sales rep must have good time management skills and great structure. Time is money, sales reps need to decide the appropriate time spent on each account and call and possess great organizational skills.

Every sales rep should be prepared at the time of the call. When making a sales call, every person involved in the decision-making process should be available.

Every sales rep needs to know you can give something without asking for something in return. Prospects are wanting the best deal possible, in return, you want their loyalty, their signature – whatever the case may be.

Every sales rep knows the status of every account and prospects. Sales reps must know which accounts are the best prospects and which are not. Which accounts needs more time and which are ready to sign. Which accounts that has been paying on time and which accounts hasn’t.

Every sales rep should speak to their prospects with transparency. Not every prospect will understand the information sales reps are trying to relay to them. Sales reps need to speak in clear terms that prospects will understand.

Every sales rep needs to know which questions to ask and when to ask them. The sales process is about gathering information from prospects to see if what they are offering is beneficial for them, however, they can’t jump into money questions right away.

Every sales rep should know when to let go. Closing a sale can be an overwhelming process, sometimes the prospect just doesn’t budge, sales reps should let go. It’s a waste a time trying to get a prospect to buy something when he just refuses.

The closing process is about negotiating, but everyone wants something on their terms – it’s a tug of war deal. Sales reps get walked all over, prospects can be mean and rude, sales calls can be brutal. Finding a balance between prospect and sales reps is a great way to start and following these guidelines can help do that along the way.

Are there any particular guidelines you follow when it comes to closing a sale?