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Rebranding Your HR: What You Need to Know

Aug 09 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

HR doesn’t always sound like a good thing. In fact, some find going to HR like going to the principal’s office back in high school, a not so good thing. But some companies are changing that notion of HR into something a little more modern: people operations. Here’s what you need to know about re-branding your HR and making it more modern to your company’s growing needs.

People operations in some companies are like office public relations, but they focus more on their staff by adding officers called Chief People Officer and their Chief Happiness Officer to help employees overcome stress and disengagement from their office work. Some companies even have a vibe manager that helps with their employees frustrations at work or if it is a problem that bothers them at home. A CPO gives more value to the employee in an office and actually makes some employees feel more appreciated at their work. A CHO helps employees feel happy about their work and keeps ways to get the employee constantly engaged in what they do.

Sometimes re-branding isn’t the right fit for the company at the current moment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it immediately. For some companies, it may take some time before considering re-branding their HR, but for others it is on their to-do list to make the company more people looking for jobs and finding a company that they can fit right in. While HR deals with hiring and recruitment, these new areas of the HR department focus on the present and the current situations happening within the office on a daily basis.

Companies can always do more for their employees. Your company can benefit from modernizing your HR department and helping your employees feel content and at home with their work environment. HR departments are often the key area for talent and recognition, but these departments can always help higher ups in the company with their employees and give a new look on what it means to be valued, happy and successful at doing something they have always wanted to do.