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Business to Business Sales: Omit the Discounts

04.22.2015 in Sales

Like everyone else, sales reps do not want to be on the phone forever when obligated to making a sale, so what’s the first thing they do, because their lack of patience? Offer a discount! Discounts should the last resort when doing business to business…


Why Prospects Buy and Why They Should Not!

04.20.2015 in Sales

What’s the real secret of how prospects turn into customers? Prospects are influenced and persuaded in several ways to buy from a sales rep. Maybe it’s because they need a solution to an inconvenience in their life, maybe it’s because the lead loves the “sound”…


Sales Guidelines for Every Sales Rep

04.18.2015 in Sales

In sales, closing is the beginning of the ending process, and the most strategic. As with every profession, there are certain guidelines that should be followed to meet your goals, but in sales, the guidelines are more delicate and one wrong move could compromise what…

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Personality Awareness: What to Look For and How to Sell

04.17.2015 in Sales

Personality awareness is extremely crucial to the sales process. Forrest Gump once said “momma says life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get” well, the same goes for picking up the phone for each sales call sales reps…


Paper Trails for Sales? Not a Good Strategy

04.09.2015 in Sales

The average independent sales rep has a minimal budget when starting out. Because of minimal money a sales rep has to conjure up creative ways to keep track of their customers. Most sales reps starts out with the “old school” paper trail. As easy and…


Is Your Customer about to Terminate Their Service?

04.07.2015 in Sales

You have a great reputation, you have a huge clientele, you make your quota every month, you received the “sale rep of the year” award – everything is awesome! Then all of a sudden, a customer cancels on you. Why?  How could I have prevented…


Multiply Your Average Sales

04.03.2015 in Sales

Every sales rep has the desire to make a sale, but many sales reps forget the process beforehand. There are several strategies that sales reps must remember when it comes to maximizing their potential. Here are some tips every sales rep should live by to…


Why Don’t Prospects Like Me? I Can’t Make a Sale!

04.01.2015 in Sales

Sales is a tough job, but somebody has to do it! Sales reps can be aggressive and forceful, and quite frankly, prospects do not like that. Besides being unpleasant there are several other behaviors that sales reps need to omit from their sales routine or…


Prospect Changed His Mind on a Sale?

03.26.2015 in Sales

That moment you change a lead into a prospect… Score! Only to turn around a few days later, right before he signs on the dotted lines, that client you “scored” now wants to go over the details about his contract again! Second thoughts? Maybe. Oh,…