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Indecisive Buyers, What’s up with that?

05.29.2015 in Sales

Buyers want your product, buyers need your product, but why are they so indecisive, especially, since you have perfected the sales process? You did every step flawlessly, and they even admitted that the product would help them and make “life” easier. What went wrong? How…


Want to Become a Network Guru? Follow These Tips

05.27.2015 in Sales

Networking plays a huge part in sales. Getting to know people and building a loyal clientele is crucial to your income, however, networking isn’t about trying to sell something to every person you encounter, there is still a process for qualifying. Like any other part…


Cold Email Has Got You Down? Ways to Resolve That!

05.22.2015 in Sales

Which is worse cold emails or cold calls? Hard to choose, but the job has got to be done. There is no perfect way to create a cold email. Just like cold calls, you need to do your homework. Cold emails should be customized to…

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The “Why’s” of Body Language in Sales

05.20.2015 in Sales

If you want to deliver the best sales presentation ever then you need to get, not only speech involved, but your body language too. We hear the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” quite often, this is especially true in sales. Your body language says…


A Successful Sales Rep: Do You Have What it Takes?

05.15.2015 in Sales

No matter what industry you are in, chances are you started at the bottom off the ladder. You were just a small fish in the ocean filled with huge sharks. Not every person has the right traits for moving up, some actually enjoy being the…


2 Problems With Sales Reps Who Are Set In Their Ways

05.13.2015 in Sales

In the old days, sales was about knocking on doors and approaching complete strangers, well, not anymore! If you have been in sales for many years, you have probably seen the transition from field sales to inside sales. Believe it or not, there are still…


Avoiding the Pitfall of “I Haven’t Heard Back”

05.08.2015 in Sales

Getting blown off by leads should be expected every now and again, but it shouldn’t be happening with every attempt you make with every sales lead you contact. Sometimes persistence pays off, but other times it just becomes a nuisance. Here are some common pitfalls…


Want to Leave a Good Impression on your Prospects?

05.06.2015 in Sales

In order to be a successful sales rep, before picking up the phone sales reps should have an open-mind and be prepared for what is on the other end of the phone. One of the most common flaws in sales is behaviors and at the…

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Sales and Marketing: How to Get Them in Sync

04.29.2015 in Sales

One would think that sales and marketing go hand in hand, however, the fact is, they often struggle against one another – it’s like a game of tug-of-war. Sales and marketing both have competitive traits, but both want to be productive. So, how can we…

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How to Treat the Prospecting Process

04.27.2015 in Sales

Sales reps do not understand that value of prospecting. Yes, it’s not the best part of the job, but it is a necessary element to growth and productivity. Without prospects there will be no chance for sales increase. Here are some simple guidelines for the…