Multiply Your Average Sales

Apr 03 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

Every sales rep has the desire to make a sale, but many sales reps forget the process beforehand. There are several strategies that sales reps must remember when it comes to maximizing their potential.

Here are some tips every sales rep should live by to multiply their income:

1. Procrastination in sales is an instant failure
2, Analyze and qualify your prospects
3. Success is in the numbers
4. Prospects are people too
5. Knowing your audience is the key
6. Prospects that talk about money right away, are not prospects at all
7. Selling is not just the product itself, but the mastery of information under your belt
8. Use the people around you for advice
9. Your sale does not end with the sale, but when the client receives the product
10. Each prospect needs to be handled differently, preparation is a must
11. Flexibility is a must, use it to your advantage
12. Discounts are good, but don’t let customers run over you

From the time you set an appointment to the time the customer receives their product, having the appropriate knowledge of what it takes to be a great sales rep is definitely useful. A great sales rep knows it’s not just about making a sale, but the entire process itself.

As a sales rep, do you have any tips to help others maximize their potential?