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Mothers Re-Entering the Workforce: What Companies Need to Know

Jun 29 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

You might think that hiring a full-time mom means that she has to spit both work and her duties as a caregiver, but that is never the case. In fact, with most full-time moms who re-enter the workforce, a number of their children are mostly middle to high school age. So that means moms are eager to come back to work because who would want to stay home all day when no one is around? Here are just some of the things that moms can do that their full-time parenting experience has reflected in their work habits.

Moms have learned to be flexible with their kids, so why not their time at work. Most moms who are eager to go back to full-time jobs sometimes feel like the years out of work seem to be lacking, so many employers can offer part-time work for moms who want to get back to the daily grind, that is if you’re the Starbucks morning commute kind of working mom. According to Flex Jobs, flexible hours for full-time moms could be anything from 30 to 32 hours a week. Not only does that mean that they can work on their jobs and getting into things with co-workers such as big time marketing deals, but also that they can still do soccer practice with their kids once a week. It’s a win-win scenario for employers and their prospective employees.

Mothers who want work around their children’s activities inside and outside school show great potential for marketing companies as consultants. Moms can choose their own clients and pick their own hours, but in the end they can work with a lot of negotiation and making some good deals on future projects with prospective clients that some marketers have trouble gaining an interest in. It is this type of position that the full-time mother can show what she has learned at home trying to get their kids to eat their veggies before hoping on the computer and playing video games until bedtime. For mom, negotiation is always key and for employees in the consulting career, something that is very important to work with.

There are many companies out there trying to get people with the right talent. According to ERE Media, there are only three companies currently hiring full-time mothers right now. But soon many more will see the opportunity and will be eager to jump on the bandwagon. With full-time mothers as the hot new employee with all the benefits and experience raising kids, there is so much to benefit from hiring mothers that many employers are starting to see the experiences that home life has given these women.

So if employers are concerned about hiring mothers back into the workforce, just remember that they can work with flexible hours, negotiate good business deals, and they can manage their scheduling to accommodate to what goes on in the office and at home. Plus, those trying to re-enter the workforce can create new ways of making successful growth opportunities to companies who see the potential in choosing a mother as a part-time, seasonal, or full-time employee.