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Mistakes Employers Make With The EEOC

Jan 06 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

Dealing with the EEOC is intimidating for every employer. It can feel like the EEOC is simply out to get you with all their rules and regulations regarding the hiring and treatment of employees. Unfortunately, employers can sometimes make mistakes regarding the EEOC that will only make their frustrations grow. Here are some common mistakes made by employers and what you can do to avoid them.

In the unfortunate situation that an investigation by the EEOC takes place, many employers shrink away from keeping the communication lines open with the agency. It’s always true that communication is a two-way street, but if you are under investigation for any reason, you will want to take a proactive stance. It will be your job to show that you behaved according to the rules so if you go out of your way to communicate with the EEOC investigator, you will build up your company’s credibility in the agency’s eyes.

All too often employers tend to underestimate the EEOC when they’re under investigation. This is primarily due to baises and stereotypes against the EEOC. Dealing with the agency is never fun but if your company does have to, you don’t want to underestimate them. Employers often assume that EEOC investigators will automatically side against the employer or won’t be smart enough to see the reality of the situation. However, most EEOC investigators are simply dedicated to figuring out the truth. Don’t just assume that they will be incompetent or prejudiced against you. This will only set your company up for more complications.

Undergoing an investigation is stressful for any employer. Unfortunately, not all employers handle the situation with grace and level-headedness. Believe it or not, some employers retaliate against the employee that filed the complaint. It is every employee’s protected right to file a charge against their employer. Of course, this is something that you never want to happen but if it does, retaliating against that employee by terminating them or otherwise punishing them in some way is one of the worst things you can do. You’ll only be digging yourself a deeper hole.

One of the biggest mistakes that employers often make when it comes to the EEOC is not keeping up to date on their compliance and on their workplace. This can be difficult to do since there are always a million responsibilities that come with a company. However, maintaining this aspect of your business is something that you don’t want to slack off on. Be sure to monitor your workplace for demographics of employment activity. Keep your knowledge of EEOC policies fresh and updated. Create an effective process for your employees to raise concerns if they feel that they have been treated inappropriately. Overall, put in the effort to stay ahead of the EEOC and you’ll reduce the chances of a complaint.

The goal of the EEOC is to make the workplace a better environment for everyone but because policies are so complicated, employers sometimes make mistakes. Be sure to learn from those mistakes but of course, the best step is always to prepare your company to avoid these mistakes.