08.30.16 company culture

Job Hunting with Company Culture in Mind: Steps to Finding the Right Company for You

Aug 30 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

Job hunting is hard and frustrating to do. It can be tiresome and even daunting. But job hunting can become easier when you research and learn about the company culture. Here are some cultures and tips you need to know on finding the right career and the right company that fits you.

Companies always have diverse cultures. But when it comes to making the decision to work for that company, taking a look at their outcomes, their behaviors and their enablers or blockers can help you decide if the company is the right fit for you and whether or not you will enjoy what you love to work on. These key areas show you the goals and achievements the company has in mind, the way the company interacts within the structure, and whether or not there are do’s and dont’s that you have to consider when thinking of working at the company.

Top-Down company cultures are the most traditional forms of what people think a company is like. If you haven’t seen the broadway musical on succeeding in business, it shows a traditional company culture that is full of certainty and control. There is no room for experimenting with ideas because the company has set values and ideas in mind. There is a low tolerance to risk, which means they don’t risk and follow what the market says on a daily basis. Companies like MacDonald’s and Walmart are some of the few companies today that follow a top-down culture system. This form of company culture might sound scary and albeit a bit intimidating, but if you are someone who has followed a traditional model of control and certainty, then this company is the best fit for you.

Market company cultures are highly competitive. These companies are all about winning the big clients and meeting higher than average sales margins that exceed year after year. These companies often have demanding leadership, where one person may demand compliance with the company and the way you may have to get the clients. This leadership is very alienating and often should be avoided. Banks, real estate, and sales are areas of market company culture. But if you are a highly competitive person by nature, then this is the real place where you will shine no matter what.

Flat company cultures throw out the old and replace it with what they consider to be a better way to do company culture. Their leaders are very much affiliated and coaching their employees to work harder and try again each time something doesn’t work out right. These leaders are democratic and allow employees to often give their opinion on a topic that may impact the company and then weighs the decision after deciding on everyone’s personal interest within the company. Everyone inside the flat company culture collaborates and works together to get projects done on time or meet the expectations of getting everything finished at the end of the day. There is room for experimentation and decision making, but uncertainty is a big problem because it is one area in which the people often avoid. Ideally, many people looking for jobs would like to work for these companies because it gives room for growth and it is not as restricting as a top-down company culture or a market company culture. If this is the culture that fits you in every shape and possible way, then this is the best place to work.

If you are unsure about the culture of the company, ask the hiring manager about the type of culture and the type of leadership commitment can be seen within the company. Some of the answers may show restrictions in flexibility or the allowing of flexibility in the office and company as a whole. Learning the culture can definitely help you in ways that include how you want to work versus what the employers see how you should work. But if you can’t find the right fit yet, then it doesn’t hurt to keep on looking.