Is Your Customer about to Terminate Their Service?

Apr 07 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

You have a great reputation, you have a huge clientele, you make your quota every month, you received the “sale rep of the year” award – everything is awesome! Then all of a sudden, a customer cancels on you. Why?  How could I have prevented this from happening?

Sales reps have a lot on their plate, but their customer satisfaction should be one of the highest priorities on their list.

Here are a few red flags every sales rep should be keeping an eye out for, if not, you could be losing your customers to a problem that could’ve been prevented:

Customer Engagement. Are your customers unsubscribing? Your customer has been subscribed for quite some time, but now they decide to unsubscribe from emails or updates. Chances are your customer is getting bored with what they are receiving, it’s time to spruce it up.

Feedback. Are your customers sending in customer support emails with no feedback? As a sales rep should respond ASAP every time, no matter how small the issue is. What isn’t important to you, is important to them or they wouldn’t be trying to contact customer service.

Invoices. You expect your customers to pay on time, but are they paying late? This could be a sign that they aren’t interested in the product anymore.

Renewal Dates. Are you letting you know that the end of their contract is approaching? Time flies, sometimes customers don’t remember it’s time to renew. Sale reps that send out reminders have a better chance of keeping their customers.

Negative Comments. If customers aren’t happy then they will go elsewhere. Sales reps should respond to the matter to find a solution immediately for keeping their customers.

Sales reps need a plan for preventing customers from leaving. Making a sale is easy, but keeping a long-term customer is hard.

As a sales rep, what are some strategies you use to keep your customers from terminating their contracts or losing them to something that could’ve been prevented?