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Indecisive Buyers, What’s up with that?

May 29 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

Buyers want your product, buyers need your product, but why are they so indecisive, especially, since you have perfected the sales process? You did every step flawlessly, and they even admitted that the product would help them and make “life” easier.

What went wrong? How can I get buyers to change their minds and make the purchase?

There are two choices when dealing with indecisive buyers: give up or push forward. Most sales reps want that sale so they will try to influence buyers in alternative ways, instead of giving up.

  • A motivated seller will be more driven with increased momentum.
  • An unmotivated seller will see risks and once they hear no or not at the moment, the call is over.

Most of time, the problem when you encounter an indecisive buyer is because they are not ready to purchase. Why? Every situation is different, there is not a one-size-fits all answer, but you can reiterate how it can help them and point out what happens if the buyer does absolutely nothing.

Are you a sales rep that see indecisive buyers as a challenge or are you a sales rep that would walk away from the deal?