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Hyper Training and the Augmented Reality Workplace

Sep 20 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

This new type of training can help enable companies to speed up the training and get more people to work on their job at a much quicker speed. By using technology to speed up the training processes and have your employees work the following week versus the following month, more and more business have trying to make the switch in using these type of reality to lighten the training and get more people doing their job.

But the question is what does augmented reality (AR) do? This reality blends the real world and the digital world together. It can share computer-generated images, information and data to those around you. It’s almost like having your virtual reality headset become part of the office training and tools to use.

The initial excitement over this type of reality as a training tool was when Google released the Google glass. Many companies thought it would be a great way to deliver information at the right place and time for each of its users. So instead of having to look up something on the computer, you could have used Google glass to look up any information at your voice command request. But when Google glass didn’t work out, some companies are interested in using Microsoft HoloLens to bring information and usage at the touch of a fingertip or holographic layout. So far this has been successful with using computer games owned by Microsoft, including the famous Minecraft game where players can build things on individual worlds and learn how to survive not being blown up by creepers or attacked by zombies and skeletons. But Microsoft’s HoloLens is far from being able to be used in the office at the current moment.

But while some companies are experimenting with this new technology, the result couldn’t be far from a blessing. It takes job training to a whole new level where hired talent can learn on the job situations and work on how to manage them effectively. This training is a hands-on experience and is the best of both technology and human reality. It gives you training at your expense and provides tutorials or lessons on how to best install or do a task correct the first time instead of doing it the old fashioned way. This type of reality is great for those in the construction and mechanic industry because it allows the user to have a safe environment to try out the module before going to work on the real thing. Even NASA is interested in this technology to access the way in which people could communicate on Mars.

While some business have used augmented realities in industries that are considered hazardous and dangerous to work in those environments, other business in the non-mechanic and construction industry are interested in seeing how to it could potentially help them in the future. So if you are thinking about stepping up the training game with an augmented reality tool, consider the notion when it becomes important to have more people on the job faster and quicker than the old routine of months of training before they are ready to do their job correctly. It may be worth the investment.