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Five Simple Methods of Getting More Talent

Aug 02 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

Everyone’s company goes through an expansion phase. They need more departments, they need more people, and they need new talent. So how is it that those companies can get the best talent? By following these five simple steps, you can easily get more talent to come to your doors than when it comes to strategies that are ageless time and time again.

The first problem some companies might face is their website. If they can’t find enough talent or any of the talented individuals who they want to work for them decide to go somewhere else, it is probably the website. Nearly all applicants check out the online resources, if the company has them, to do anything as simple as basic research on the company. This can mean anything such as founding members of the type of department they would be working for. Yet, some companies often do not update the information on the internet and when applicants click on the link to take a look at the website, often most people do not bother applying because the website lacks the new information or any detailed parts that are important for someone applying to your company would need to know.

Since the revolution and explosion of social media, many applicants and job seekers would also check out your company’s social media pages. This can be anything from feeds to post and pictures all over different types of social media. However, in order to address a full range of applicants, you will have to address their needs differently. In different careers of the company, there could be someone who posts about finance or human resources, so addressing those areas of what your company focuses on the most means a lot to the person who is interested in working for your business.

After selecting the right amount of candidates and the right amount of phone calls to make, it is best to make a face-to-face meeting the priority of the hiring process. There are many companies who hire over the phone or have hiring applications done through a two phone call process. But if your application process is over something where you cannot see the person face-to-face, it would be best to see if you can add a Skype interviewing feature or schedule an appointment with the person you want to hire and see how much of an impression they can make.

Your hiring managers are also the most important people to the company. They have known the company from the top down. They have seen the company through their years of working as a simple starting out employee and then rising above the ranks. These hiring managers can help those being interviewed understand what it means to be an asset than as an employee. Hiring managers may not get the respect that they deserve, but they also have a lot of importance in the company culture and the types of people those candidates would be working with very closely.

Finally, everyone who wants to be hired will be looking at your website through multiple devices. This means that your social media and your website must always be up to date. If you keep updating your apps and social media feeds along with your website, their presence will always exist in looking at the newest forms of information. The term “device agnostic” means that your information and items you share must be neutral to all devices or be open to all devices.

Talent seeking is stressful and taxing, but in the end you do pick up the right talent you want and the right kind of people who fit your company’s profile. By using these methods, the talent seeking should be just as simple as the click of the mouse.