10.11.16 social media mistakes your company can't make

Engagement is not Enough: Social Media Mistakes Companies Make

Oct 11 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

Social media is another form of communication. It can be as simple as a retweet or it can be as easy as commenting on a social media post. Social media is used by every person on the planet and every company who wants to get their name out into the sharing selfie world. But some companies still don’t understand the grasp of social media. It is important to consider some common misconceptions and mistakes to look out for, when you are looking for more clientele to market towards.

For every page on Facebook, every Twitter account, or every Instagram post, there is going to be a follower. A follower is someone who likes what you have to say or what you have in general. It can be anything based on what you sell or offer special promotions towards and what you can say in the limited amount of characters. Followers need to have something to keep them interested in your site. For many companies they post once a month or once a week, but for others, there’s hardly any engagement with their social media followers at all. And what that can create is a lost in followers. You can use certain advertisements or forms of engagement that don’t necessarily have to be the same traditional format. If you are targeting millennials, you can easily use Memes to spark engagement. For others it can be something as simple as a video or a photo.

Promotions are often used during big sale events. These can be special promotions for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and the list just goes on. But being overtly promotional with your followers could also cost you the new followers who often come to your social media page or account. Instead, space out when you need to post the next ad or promotional event, then continue with regular social media posting or something akin to that.

Call to actions are also important for your company’s social media responses or engagement. Offering things like newsletters, direct to purchase offers, and downloadable paper content is another way to get someone to go to your social media page or respond to your call to action. Mixing these CTA’s are also good for your social media because then there is content you can hyperlink to and it can get more traffic to your site or to your social media page.

Spreading yourself thin like a small spoonful of peanut butter is one way that may be the worst way ever to manage your social media accounts. Setting up a content writing team or social media team can help you make sure your focus is on your new clients or social media followers who want to be part of what you have to offer. Picking the top 3 social media sites for small business is just as important as picking the top 5 for those larger companies.

Social media is stressful at times, but in the end, it is always worth the risk and benefits of getting more people interested in what your company has to offer.