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Casual Workplace Habits and What Needs to Change

Oct 18 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

We all enjoy having some sort of casual and comfortable attire to wear at the office. But trying to make yourself too casual: allowing your employees to dress in jeans and shirts, flexible locations, and even cussing to the point that it could overall impact the company’s performance to the point that the culture of the company has become an entirely different thing.

The latest buzzword, company culture, is a word that associates more with the well-being of your employees than of your own company. Wrike’s survey from this year shows that nearly half of employees have sworn in the workplace, but 41% of those people admit it is a bad behavior and is unprofessional to do. This survey was only used on 1,542 people.

But what is that you can do to make sure that the culture of the company doesn’t swing in the wrong direction? You can look to your employees and mold them into a person who is both effective at their job and what it means for them to do better on something that they are unable to overcome. Some guidance and influence that gives your employees motivation and a person to look up to is what makes the culture become the perfect bowl of porridge for Goldilocks. Doing something simple such as personal meetings between individual employees and online engagement tools could help cure some bad habits in the workplace.

Groundwork and founding principles are basically the same thing. These would be the company’s mission and values. Always making sure that you can reflect the company mission and values when needed can make sure employees do a double check on their own performance to help themselves keep in mind what could make or break the company’s reputation. Employees and employers should always make sure they walk a fine line before doing something that may not be for the company’s values and mission for success.

If your company does meetings in person rather than online, you might need to make sure the appropriate manners for the situation are often kept close in hand. Swearing in a business meetings or a conversation between potential clients is not the best way to make friends or new people in the business world. If you want to curb this problem, consider a meeting to talk about things that may be hurting the relationship of your workers, your customers, or other people who work with your company that could impact the performance of the workplace. By analyzing the pieces, you can solve the problem at its root.

Keeping an open door to discuss problems and issues within the workplace is one effective strategy that works to curb bad company habits. If you want to take it a step further, look for ways to talk with people in private than in a whole room and see where you need to draw a line with their attitude or drop them like a hot potato.