Becoming a Sales Expert: Communication and Management

Feb 11 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

If you are an entry level sales person or a veteran, sales is no easy task. Getting buyers to listen is a hard job; convincing them to make a change is even harder. Sales people always get hung up on, doors slammed in their face, and constantly hear the word “No” – it’s a harsh profession.

You can’t control the buyers, but you can control how you communicate your value proposition and manage your workload. Here are some strategies to deploy:

Don’t try and close a deal if you are unprepared. As a sales person, you know deals fall through every now and then, but you can’t just forget about the next sales appointment you are preparing for. Take the materials based on previous sales and get prepared for the next sales appointment. A great strategy for a highly-energetic sales person is to group their appointments by area or product. Grouping allows you to go from one sale to another with the same knowledge and materials.

Focus requires a preparation period. There is no on and off switch in sales, your mind needs a transition period. For example, if your agency sells several lines of insurance, you need to focus on a particular kind of insurance your customer wants. The next customer might want a different types of insurance. Focus needs preparation or you will be stumbling on your words. Lack of preparation will cause you to lose sales.

Use success as motivation. Sometimes being a sales person can be tough. You can present several pitches without a making a sale, which can start triggering negative thoughts. However, on that next pitch, you make a sale! Your energy and optimism levels are back up. Positive emotions are motivating, this is your “Rockstar” moment – use it to your advantage!

Focus on your buyers’ schedule. Do you know when the best time to connect with buyers are? The first step is to know who you are selling to. Every industry has various prime times, do not call during this time because they will not have time for you. Over time you will learn when it is the best time to call potential customers and when they are most likely to buy.

Tweak and recycle your sales pitch. If you work for a company that sells only a couple of products, you don’t have to come up with a new sales pitch every time. Just tweak the one that works best for you and use it. Recycling your sales pitch and tweaking a few words permits the ability to remember, as well as, sounding natural.

Omit useless information from your sales pitch. In sales, it is obvious customers need to learn to trust you and your company. One thing you shouldn’t include is time-wasting conversations. “Oh, you have a daughter? I do too! What school do they go to?” Connect with relevance of the product or service. “What health insurance company are you using for you and your employees? I know it can be expensive, I was using the same company, but now I’m using this great plan that I discovered our company offers. It covers the same as ABC company plus it covers XYZ and it’s inexpensive! I’d recommend it to anyone.”

What kind of sales strategies do you use to prepare for making a sale? If a customer cancels a sales appointment, how do you bounce back?