Avoiding the Pitfall of “I Haven’t Heard Back”

May 08 2015, by PEOPLE in Sales

Getting blown off by leads should be expected every now and again, but it shouldn’t be happening with every attempt you make with every sales lead you contact. Sometimes persistence pays off, but other times it just becomes a nuisance. Here are some common pitfalls that sales reps often land in when their strategies go south and techniques to correct them:

Pitfall #1: I gave a lead my business card and he never touched based with me.

Well, apparently he was just trying to butter you up. Next time you should just schedule a time and place, instead of, relying solely on your business card. Maybe he lost it?

Pitfall #2: I have been leaving voicemails, but leads never return my cold calls.

You can’t expect to call leads over and over again and expect them to return your calls. Listening to the same voicemails five times a day can get very annoying and can get you on the “Do Not Call” list real quick.

Pitfall #3: I blindly submitted a proposal after a conversation about the product with no response.

Um, hello! Submitting a proposal after a conversation doesn’t mean the lead actually agreed to the terms. Next time, schedule a meeting for proposal itself to discuss it in detail.

Pitfall #4: I’ve been sending out several spontaneous cold emails daily and I no one ever replies.

These leads are not the right target audience you should be targeting. There are several types of technology to track email to see if leads are even opening them. Forget about the leads who aren’t clicking and focus on the leads that are.

Pitfall #5: Since our last conversation, I haven’t heard pack from my lead.

As a sales rep part of a successful meeting is having a proper closing statement, this should be a part of the rehearsal prior to sales pitches. If preparation isn’t really your thing, then simply lay out a calendar before the meeting starts to remind you to set up the next appointment at the end of your sales pitch. It is your job, not the prospects job, to close the meeting.

It isn’t appropriate to smother leads to get them to buy your product; if you push them too hard chances are they will back out or not respond at all, but if you are doing everything 100% perfectly and leads aren’t responding, maybe you need to rethink your game plan.

What strategies do you use to avoid common sales pitfalls?