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21 Tips for Sales Agents

Oct 26 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

We all know what it is like when it comes to the marketing world. You have to sell products to meet a certain quota. But when it comes to selling yourself it is a challenge that affects young and old people alike in the sales and marketing business. But here are some ways to challenge those quotas and make it easier for you to become a better marketer.

Dress Professionally
Professional business attire is a must have when it comes to finding a job and sitting down for an interview. But in the sales and marketing world, dressing the part means people within the office and outside the office will take you very seriously. You might even take yourself seriously if you look the part and can perform to its expectations.

Avoid Using “Young” Slang
The youth has a very predominating effect on the culture we grow up in. But talking like you’re a high school kid can affect your performance in the office more than you expect it to be. Avoiding simple phrases like “gotcha,” “right,” and “for sure” can help you sound like a professional business person. If you sound and act more like your prospects then you are on your way to better sales and more clients.

Find Common Ground
Common ground is the best way to start a prospecting chance for a sales client. Making sure you have that consistency in your sales pitch is one way to make it easier for you to get the clients you want. It could be something simple as a love for travel or specific taste in art. Ask questions to find out where the commonality lies and focus on that to get them on your client list.

Ask Prospects about Their Kids
Sometimes it is harder for you to market yourself or sell yourself to clients who are a bit older. But asking them about whether or not they have kids or grandkids is one way to make it easier for you to relate to them and get them on your client list. By making your prospect think about their loved one, they are more likely to buy from you. On the brighter side, if you are young and inexperienced, looking polished and relatable then their children or grandchildren can make you look like a professional salesperson.

Reference Combined Experience
Make sure to remind your prospects that they are not just buying from you, but from the whole company. If experience is what you lack or is an issue for a prospect, then make sure you have enough experience to win them over.

Learn from Experienced Coworkers
Coworkers are often a great person to go to if you are stuck on a prospect or problematic challenge in meeting a quota for the year. However, it doesn’t hurt to get a little advice from someone who has been around in the business long enough. You may be young and technologically savvy, but sometimes the older generation is wiser than you think in experience.

Be Enthusiastic
Everybody likes enthusiasm. Having a lot of energy can get your buyers right into the palm of your hands. If you are young and in sales, looking energetic without being an idiot can get you more prospects.

Follow the Markets
If relating to a professional audience is hard for you, then you can always look into the stock market. You don’t need to be an expert on stocks and trade, but asking enough questions to know the simple point of the market is enough to make sure it is easy to follow.

Listen To Your Phone Voice
Your phone voice is the key ingredient to getting your prospects. Record your voice or make a call to your home phone and play it over and over again. Do you sound professional or do you still sound like a kid. If you think you need more work on your phone voice, practice always makes perfect.

Sell to Other Young People
There is just so much potential with the young market. There are nearly 70 million of them. Getting young prospects is a great thing for your business.

Don’t Ignore Sales Fundamentals
Social media doesn’t sell to your clients, people do. Social media just makes things easier to connect to people online, but a personal and in human approach is much better for your sales prospects.

Speak Less, Listen More
Impulsiveness can get you nowhere, especially if you are young and inexperienced. Trying to demonstrate your skills and knowledge will actually push your prospects further from your reach. Hold back your tongue and let them do the talking. If they have questions then you can always answer.

Bring Up Age First
The best way to avoid any problems within the prospects is to make sure that you bring up your age or levels of inexperience. By joking about it, you can get your prospect onto your side and help them create an understanding.

Be Better Prepared
If you think your inexperience is getting in the way, there are ways to overcome it. You can do these simple things: reading books on sales, going to marketing seminars, learning about what you’re selling, practice your sales script, and work harder. These are just some of the ways that you can get better at what you do.

Expect to Live in the Trenches
Marketing and sales is very competitive. You can say it is like modern trench warfare. Selling your products and your company takes years to evolve and master. You have to work hard on making sure you get where you want to go.

Become a Marketing Expert
You need to make your own marketing strategy, not just look to the business for your marketing ideas. You are a seller and a marketer; you need to find your own leads and sources.

Don’t Spew Features
If you are young and just entered into the sales world, often enough you tell your prospect about the product or information you are selling without knowing it. Sadly, your prospects don’t care. Identifying their needs can help you make sure that they buy what you are selling without having to close the door on your foot.

Don’t Use Jargon
You probably remembered all beneficial points to the products you are selling. But sometimes the words you use are not what your prospects can understand in one day. Being relatable and not using terms they don’t know can help you sell better and faster.

Recognize and Act on Buying Signals
Young people in sales and marketing don’t know when to shut their mouths and let their prospects complete their end of the bargain. This can cause many salespeople to shoot themselves in the foot. It is better to explain after they hand you the check.

Don’t Sell On Price
Not everyone will be buying from you if you care about the price. People compare and shop where everything is cheaper or effective to get. There are options out there to help you overcome price-checking and trying to sell something of value.

Embrace Youth
Don’t be afraid to act your age. Sales and marketing is a challenge and should be tackled as a fun obstacle course. Breathing some life into a business is one way to get people energized and passionate about their careers and future prospects.