September 2016

Portrait of young pensive asian woman with her business partners on the background

Dishonest Boss: The Things To Look For

09.27.2016 in Sales

Bosses who lie and cheat are some of the bosses that we should be avoiding when looking for a job or have worked for the company for almost a year. Even though we don’t like it when leaders lie, whether it is in the company…

Industry 4.0 keyboard

Hyper Training and the Augmented Reality Workplace

09.20.2016 in Sales

This new type of training can help enable companies to speed up the training and get more people to work on their job at a much quicker speed. By using technology to speed up the training processes and have your employees work the following week…

Team Meeting In Creative Office

Shutting Down the Innovation Lab: Why It Is the Right Move

09.06.2016 in Sales

The definition of innovation is combining creative ideas with business models for success. But for some companies, these innovation groups are often being shut down. Yet, in the world of business some people think it was due to the fact that the higher-ups ‘don’t understand…