May 2016

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Cost Vs. Benefits: Where Do PEOs Fall?

05.25.2016 in Sales

Business owners and employers everywhere are searching for the best way to provide employee benefits that will retain and attract the best employees, all while staying within their sometimes very limited budgets. In comes the PEO. PEOs are great for employers and business owners who…

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Do Offhand Comments Count As Age Discrimination?

05.24.2016 in Sales

As employers and business owners, there’s no doubt that your clients can be intimidated by the many rigorous EEOC regulations. But as agents we can help them navigate those tricky waters by staying up to date on EEOC rules and the various discrimination cases that…


What The EEOC’s New Info Means For Wellness Programs

05.18.2016 in Uncategorized

Wellness programs are extremely popular in the workplace these days. Agents know that employers and business owners as well as employees enjoy the benefits of wellness programs. But not everything is so clear cut. Some have learned the hard way that their wellness programs involved…

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Important Takeaways From The New ACA Guidance

05.11.2016 in Sales

The DOL, HHS, and IRS (the federal agencies responsible for the ACA) have put out new guidance that provides a plethora of important information on ACA compliance. Agents will need to take this info and share it with their clients. The new ACA guidance offers…