April 2016

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A New Take On Workers’ Comp

04.27.2016 in Sales

The past few decades have seen vast changes in insurance, including workers’ compensation. This is natural, since society is constantly transforming itself and our insurance products need to keep up to continue meeting people’s needs. It’s up to us as agents to stay on top…

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PEOs Save Your Clients Time And Money

04.20.2016 in Sales

One of the biggest selling points when it comes to PEOs is that they can save your clients time and money. But these are also the areas that your clients tend not to realize are huge benefits. It’s up to you to show them just…

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Workers’ Compensation Challenges For Today And For The Future

04.13.2016 in Sales

Because the nature of the workforce, and indeed many aspects of life, have been experiencing rapid change within the past several years, workers’ compensation has been facing new challenges. These challenges affect workers’ compensation today but they will also affect it going into the future….