January 2016

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Wearable Technology and Workers’ Comp

01.27.2016 in Sales

Wearable technology has been skyrocketing in popularity lately. You’ve probably seen some of your employees sporting new wearables that they received over the holidays. The goal of most wearables is to promote and track health and fitness. They are typically discrete, appearing to be nothing…

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What the ACA Reporting Deadline Delay Means for You

01.20.2016 in Sales

Employers throughout the country are celebrating the news that deadlines for the ACA have been pushed back. Now employers have a little more time to breathe and get their documentation in order. The deadline for ACA reporting requirements of healthcare offered in 2015 have been…

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How Workplace Stress Impacts Workers’ Compensation

01.13.2016 in Sales

Studies have shown that the majority of workers report feeling stressed by work-related issues. Employees cite long commutes, poor compensation, heavy workloads, and not enough work-life balance as the major factors that contribute to their workplace stress. The workers’ compensation world is no stranger to…

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Mistakes Employers Make With The EEOC

01.06.2016 in Sales

Dealing with the EEOC is intimidating for every employer. It can feel like the EEOC is simply out to get you with all their rules and regulations regarding the hiring and treatment of employees. Unfortunately, employers can sometimes make mistakes regarding the EEOC that will…