October 2015

Executive explaining business plans to his employees

Using Video in Your Sales Pitch

10.29.2015 in Sales

All salespeople know that one of the most difficult parts of the sales process is getting your schedule and your prospective client’s schedule to match up. When you’re available, your prospect is busy. When your prospect is available, you’re busy. This is simply a challenge…

hands with smartphones and tablet pc

Using Apps for Sales Productivity

10.22.2015 in Sales

There’s no doubt about it that technology is an incredibly important tool for just about everything, including sales. Using the right tools throughout your sales process is crucial to your success and can help you close faster. A great way to increase your sales productivity…

Junger Mann am Schreibtisch

Sales Practices to Avoid

10.15.2015 in Sales

There are many guides out there that tell salespeople what they should do in order to be successful. While it’s certainly important to know what sales practices you should keep in your arsenal, it’s also important to know what sales practices you should avoid. Doing…

Partner talk

Listening Between the Lines in Sales

10.08.2015 in Sales

Salespeople are great listeners, right? Being able to listen is an incredibly important trait that all salespeople need to hone in order to be successful. But listening between the lines can really help you stand out to your clients and leads. Take all your listening…