August 2015

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How to Overcome the Time Objection

08.27.2015 in Sales

One of the most common objections salespeople face is that their prospect needs a little more time to think the offer over. Of course, you don’t want to seem pushy so you agree to wait until they get back to you. In reality, this objection…


Why Your Sales Pitch Should Sound More Like a Conversation

08.18.2015 in Sales

Believe it or not, just about everyone uses a sales pitch at some point in their lives. Interviewees trying to land a job, someone convincing their friend to try a new restaurant, executives trying to close major deals for their companies. If everyone uses a…

Bored Businessman

Shaking Off a Sales Slump

08.14.2015 in Sales

Whether we like it or not, we need to admit that everyone experiences a slump at some point or another. Slumps are a natural part of life, even when it comes to sales. Salespeople can experience slumps for a variety of reasons. Here are some…