June 2015


PEO Sales from a Power Perspective

06.26.2015 in Sales

Influencing companies to work with you and your PEO Partner is a delicate task; with all the competition in the PEO world. Everyone wants a good deal, but you have to get companies to realize it is not always about how much they spend to…


7 Techniques to Reach the Decision Maker

06.19.2015 in Sales

No matter what business you are in and no matter what business you call there’s always a gatekeeper, these are professionals you have to go through to reach the main decision maker. Gatekeepers can let you through or turn you away. Bypassing the Gatekeeper is…


Sales: Selling without Harassing

06.12.2015 in Sales

Selling is all about the research and preparation; once you have answered all of these questions then you can begin the sale: Who are you trying to reach? Why are you trying to reach them? What can you do for them? What can they do…

06.11.2015 PEO An Agents strongest ally

Professional Employer Organization: An Agent’s strongest ally

06.11.2015 in Sales

Agents are always trying to find ways to minimize their client’s labor costs and maximize time so they can turn their attention to more important things. Forward-thinking agents are leveraging Professional Employer Organizations for help. Professional Employer Organizations allow businesses to focus on what matters…

sales, trust

Building Trust from Prospects Begins With You

06.03.2015 in Sales

There is no doubt, sales reps have somewhat of a bad reputation, but many can turn those thoughts around when they have the right sales techniques. Buyers will not take time to listen to what you are offering if they do not trust you. Here…