March 2015


Prospect Changed His Mind on a Sale?

03.26.2015 in Sales

That moment you change a lead into a prospect… Score! Only to turn around a few days later, right before he signs on the dotted lines, that client you “scored” now wants to go over the details about his contract again! Second thoughts? Maybe. Oh,…


Behaviors That Should Be Omitted from Your Sales Strategy

03.11.2015 in Sales

There’s a fine line between a motivated, high-energetic sales representative and one that is too pushy. Yes, buyers want to purchase products that can benefit them, but they shouldn’t feel forced. All too often, sales representatives don’t think about their demeanor and how they are…


New to Sales? Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind

03.03.2015 in Sales

Starting a new job isn’t easy, especially, a high-demanding profession such as sales – so much to learn before you are thrown to the wolves. Here are some strategies to give a little shoves as you start your new career as a sales rep: The…


Context: The Key to Making Sales

03.01.2015 in Sales

How you speak and interact with your leads during sales calls directly affects your sales. Building trust and fostering needs of your leads is the first thing you need to educate yourself on as a salesperson. Here are some strategies to include in your everyday…