16 Referral Marketing Ideas to Get Referrals and Sell More

Nov 01 2016, by PEOPLE in Sales

Marketing is a make or break place in the real world. Here are some marketing ideas that can get more referrals and sell more of your products or services.

Get in your clients’ cell phones
Having one client’s contact information is not enough. If you are trying to sell your products to a company or a service to a certain provider, get in everyone’s phones and make sure your contact information sticks. The best explanation you can say about having your contact information in every client’s phone is if there is an emergency that happens and they need you to help them. Plus, it makes the client believe that you are available to them at all hours and that is a good thing to do.

Practice your referral talk paths
You may not like scripts, but these are the best thing to go to. Sure you may have practiced once or twice before in the mirror. But that doesn’t make you any better than a football player who has 11 minutes to make the play. If you can spend hours each week preparing for 11 minutes of passing the ball or running for the field goal, then you can work more on your sales conversations to get the clients you really want.

Describe your target customer
Clients often hesitate to refer any company and not just your agency because they don’t want to look bad. If you explained your customers who use your products or services, then your hesitant clients can feel at ease and refer your company’s product or service with an even breath. Just make sure you don’t tell the target client that your customers are different than what they are, it might make then rethink being your customer.

Help clients identify referral targets
There are two questions to ask your clients when it comes to referring the right people to your company. The first one is about excluding your coworkers and family, what kind of person would benefit from winning a large sum of money. This will give your client time to think. Once they have thought of the person, ask the second question that states why that person would benefit from winning a large sum of money. You don’t have to stick with this one question, there are other questions to consider. But make sure that the first question is vague and that the second question is harder. You don’t want your clients to have more options than the first question you asked them.

Email signature
Email signatures often come with a signature and contact information at the bottom of an email. This is great for when a client wants to contact you or a referral is interested in your services. This is a great place to request for a referral because the receiver can get in touch with you by phone or by email. Make sure that you use a call to action that says something like “forward my contact information” and remind then to do so based on recommendations that they refer from you specifically.

Remove the risk
Risk is always hard to deal with. Clients are often shy and nervous about referring you or your company because they are afraid of looking bad and doing a poor job. By explaining to your clients to your hand referrals and referred businesses, emphasize that you call then every night and put them on an email spam list, those are for internet contacts and people you have conversed with online.

Thank referrers on your Facebook page
Having a social media page is always important. Humans alone spend hours at a computer, so what is the harm in having your clients and referrers look at your Facebook page for some more information? This shows the referrer how much you appreciate the gesture and it also shows how much you appreciate referrals. Plus, it also reinforces your current clients that other people are happy with your company.

Give two business cards
One business card may not be enough nowadays. Giving them a second one to hand out encourages clients and referrals to be interested in your company and want to learn more. When it comes to the Facebook page, looking at your company and reading the information about your company and what it offers, both client and referrals will seem interested and might keep you in contact on social media.

Use LinkedIn for targeted referrals
LinkedIn has a lot of features that are great for contacting referrals on social media. LinkedIn may even help you get those prospects that you really want. LinkedIn shows you third person connections online if you are not friends with someone you are trying to specifically target. Obviously there should a relational factor, but no one ever knows.

Get referrals immediately after going a favor
Psychologists at the University of Stanford found that when someone receives a favor, the perceived value diminishes overtime. On the opposite hand, the person who asked for the favor will have an increase in the perception of the receiver. One example could be something as simple as a customer hugging you because you saved him a lot of money. Now the customer is happy because his renewal went by up a small amount. The best time to ask for a referral is immediately after you have helped your client with something that needed to be finished. If you wait one week, you have missed your window of opportunity.

Facebook Ads-Sponsored Stories
Stories that are sponsored show up on Facebook because people already like a specific agency. The message will be something as simple as your Facebook friend like this page or this company. It makes you interested in checking out what that company has to offer and you end up liking them too. It is psychological; if your friend likes it, then you must like it too.

Call your clients’ emergency contacts
This may sound like bad advice, but it is not bad at all. This can be something as simple as contacting the neighbors or getting information from your coworkers. You can ask some set up questions or you can go right to contacting people around your clients. But when you are finished with the conversation, make sure you mail them contact information from your company. It can be as simple as a magnet for a fridge or something as nice as a thank you card with your business card tucked away inside.

Get referrals from the right clients
People hand around with people who share the same views and express the same ideals just like them. If you get referrals from people who don’t bother you or are paying you for a service alone, then reaching out to those people won’t hurt to ask for referrals or people that may benefit from your services and products. There is just one catch, they may not swing by the office every other week.

Postcards the clients write, you mail
Keeping in touch with your prospects is a great way to ensure more people will be referred away. Print up a stack of postcards with your company logo and contact information and place them on your desk. The clients can fill these out if they are interested and you can stamp the postcard and mail it. The catch is that you have to do this as purely referring a friend to your services. If you do not enforce that point to your clients, they will just use these postcards for their own purpose and not yours.

Educate clients about all your products/services
This is the most stressing point about every marketing referral. Making pages of information about the types of products you sell or the services you provide is enough to make your clients want to look into other options you have and refer their friends and coworkers to your company.

Teach clients about food referral opportunities
Do you clients stay in the loop? Do they have opportunities to refer your business? If your client’s cannot identify an opportunity to refer your company, then what is the added benefit of making sure that they these opportunities are known to them? Helping your clients identify opportunities to refer your company are just as easy as painting a picture. If there is something relatable in their life going on with their family and friends, just slip in the conversation a tiny referral opportunity. Need we say more?