Extending Your Reach with HR and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Solutions

PEOPLE® is a leading, national innovator of Professional Employer solutions. Founded by our industry’s pioneers, our Leadership Team has a combined 65 years of experience forging the evolution of PEO service excellence. We package and deliver integrated HR solutions designed to afford entrepreneurs more time to focus on growing their business. By leveraging our wide range of services combined with our depth of knowledge, PEOPLE delivers solutions that add measurable value and reduce total cost of ownership.

PEOPLE was born from a demand in small business America for two critical business elements necessary to create a competitive advantage- skill and scale.

Why Outsource with PEOPLE?

Maximize Cash Flow

By leveraging the scale of our products and services, our clients report a 15% reduction in budgeted cash flow allocation. 47% of small business owners say cash flow is among their top concerns. In an economy where Cash is King- we’ll help you keep more of it.

Workers’ Comp Mgt.

PEOPLE has invested capital and resources to build and manage one of the most robust WC platforms in our industry. By combining scale and skill, our clients report an average premium savings of 22% and a claims management efficiency improvement of 75%.

Compliance Agility

An employment related law is added or changed every 3.2 seconds. Our dedicated staff is well trained and knowledgeable on ever-changing regulation and provides information in an easy to understand and practical application. Employers are 87% more likely to violate an employment related law without HR expertise.

Enhanced Efficiency

Our HR Information System and service delivery application enables our clients to maximize time spent on things that matter. Growing their businesses (9% higher growth rate), employee satisfaction (24-33% lower turnover) and employee morale (26% increase in profits when employees are engaged) are areas that, when maximized, have a positive influence on company culture and ultimately the bottom line.


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